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Sensei Stevan Harrison 7th Dan JSKA

A class Examiner

A class Judge

A class instructor 

Keigo Abe sensei, 9th Dan

Chief instructor and founder of JSKA



The Keibukan are directly affiliated to the Japan Shotokan Karate Association, JSKA.


Sensei Harrison's first dojo opened in 1992 in Basingstoke.




Training fees as of 1st Oct 2017


students prior to 1st October 2017 get the full benefits as advertised and communicated. Students must apply for the trg fees that were available to them or be charged normal rates. The rates were based on number of years trained.



Annual fee includes,

all lessons



kyu gradings

You can pay as you go, £40 per month or pay the annual fee.

visitor lesson, £5

Visiting from another dojo, £5 (must have a valid karate licence)




2017 Keibukan/JSKA Kata championship, this month at the Yateley Manor Dojo, This event is free.

Date, 21st December, 7.30pm


Last lesson in 2017, Thursday 21st Dec

First lesson back in 2018, Thursday 4th Jan


Last kyu gradings in 2017, 4th and 7th Dec

Next years kyu gradings

Feb 5th, 8th

April 2nd, 5th

June 4th, 7th

Aug 6th, 9th

Oct 1st, 4th

Dec 3rd, 6th


Dan gradings results 2017

Myself, 7th Dan 

David Cox, 4th Dan

David Fennell, 3rd Dan

Gill, 1st Dan






3rd JSKA European Championship photos

Grading dates for 2017 which will help you plan.

Grading time 7.30pm.

April 3rd and 6th 

June 1st and 5th

Aug 3rd and 7th

Oct 2nd and 5th

Dec 4th and 7th


David Fennell black belt Dinner (by invite) 5th Dec

JSKA World Championship 2018,



Keibukan black belts.

August 2017 David Cox JSKA Yondan

Gill receiving her JSKA Shodan certificate from Sensei Stevan Harrison. 


Sensei Harrison presenting David with his 3rd Dan certificate. 

JSKA Championships


JSKA World Championship

1st 2002 Germany

2nd 2004 South Africa

3rd 2006 USA

4th 2008 UK

5th 2010 Portugal

6th 2012 Mexico

7th 2014 Italy

8th 2016 Namibia.

9th 2018 Russia


JSKA European Championship

1st 2013 Germany

2nd 2015 Scotland

3rd 2017 Hungary


Camberley Arena sports centre Monday 7.30pm to 8.30pm.

Yateley Manor School Thursday 7.30pm to 8.30pm

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